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Awards, Prizes & Scholarships


Recitals Australia runs comprehensive support, mentor and performance programs for students and upcoming musicians across South Australia, all supported through tax deductible donations towards the Performers’ Advancement Fund.

Offerings include free attendance for Elder Conservatorium students to each of the Virtuosi Series performances and supported access for students to mentoring and master class opportunities with Virtuosi artists.

Three specific Awards, Prize and Grant programs are also available:

Lunch Hour Awards

At the conclusion of each of the Autumn and Spring Series, 8 finalists are selected from the young performers to play in a Finals Concert. 3 or 4 winners are chosen, the value of each award being $800-1000. There will be six Awards per Lunch Hour Series – a maximum of three Awards of $1000 each, with the balance of the six Awards being $100 each.

Eligible performers electing to be considered for a Lunch Hour Award will be asked to perform in a ‘finals’ concert held at the end of the Series in which they have performed. The Awards will be made immediately following this concert.

Download the Lunch Hour Awards Criteria, Eligibility, Terms and Conditions PDF to learn more and apply.

Recitals Australia Grants

The awards previously known as Recitals Australia Travel Grants shall hereby be known as Recitals Australia Grants. Recitals Australia Grants will be offered twice a year, subject to availability of funds.

Download the Recitals Australia Grants Eligibility Criteria, Assessment Procedure PDF to learn more.

Peter Schodde Memorial Piano Scholarship

In memory of the late Peter Schodde – former Treasurer, Vice President, pianist and philanthropist – Recitals Australia presented a concert in August 2012 to raise funds to support a scholarship for young South Australian pianists. The concert raised almost $25,000 which, combined with future fundraising events, will provide five $5,000 scholarships in alternate years from 2013 to 2021.