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Piano Hire Form


Thank you for your interest in hiring a Recitals Australia piano.


Please complete the form below. This will then be checked over and booked by Recitals Australia and confirmed with you.


About you and your organisation

Piano details

Please Note: You must hire for a minimum of 3 hours.
We recommend David Platt to tune the piano/s. David can be contacted on 0417 477 210.


1. Recitals Australia owns two pianos that are available for hire:

  1. - Steinway Model D Concert Grand
  2. - Grotrian Steinweg Concert Grand


2. Both instruments reside at the North Adelaide Baptist Church Hall (154 Tynte Street NORTH ADELAIDE SA 5006), where they are normally used, but they may also be moved for use at other suitable locations at the hirer’s expense.


Conditions & Fees


3. All fees are payable at least two business days prior to the hire date.


4. The fees to hire a piano (which includes stage management before and after the hire) for use in the North Adelaide Baptist Church Hall are (note minimum hire period is 3 hours):


  1. - Steinway Model D Concert Grand $80 per hour
  2. - Grotrian Steinweg Concert Grand $100 per hour


5. Tuning to be organised and paid for by the hirer. We recommend David Platt 0417 477 210


6. If any preparation of the piano is required, this must be detailed in full to Recitals Australia for approval prior to the hire being approved.


7. If you have any queries, or wish to discuss moving the piano to an alternate venue, the hirer should contact Recitals Australia on 08 8236 7488 or to discuss the suitability of the proposed venue, the availability of a piano and any other relevant arrangements, prior to making any arrangements.


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