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Application to perform


Thank you for your interest in performing at Recitals Australia Lunch Hour series.


To register your interest in being a performer, please complete the form below. This will then be assessed by the Recitals Australia advisory panel and you will be notified of the outcome.


To register, you will need to supply Recitals Australia with a reference or recommendation from your teacher or a professional musician and an audio or video of you playing.


About You

Please tell us briefly about yourself and your experience and education related to music.
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For your application to be successful, Recitals Australia requires that you have attained at least AMEB Grade 8 (or equivalent). Please provide a copy of the relevant certificate.
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Please attach a photo of yourself or your ensemble. Include your face(s) and the instruments and make sure the lighting is good. This photo is not for publication, and can be updated if you are approved for a Performance Spot.

About the Music

Please state the instrument(s) on which you will perform (e.g. piano, violin, flute, harp, organ)
Please indicate your current musical studies, and state a likely program (including name of composer) if your application to perform is successful
You are strongly encouraged to provide a recording of you performing. Please use a YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Google Drive or other convenient service. It does not have to be your planned repertoire.
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Maximum file size is 10Mb.
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